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How to update Rust Server and Oxide

Once a month (sometimes more often) Rust developers update their game. When a new patch appears, it's usually necessary to update the server and even Oxide if you have mods/plugins on your server.

If you experience issues while connecting to your server or suddenly cannot see your server on the server list, the first thing to try, before anything else, is performing these updates, if the issues weren't present before.

To update your Rust server and even Oxide/uMod, follow these steps:

1. Login to PonyGaming gamepanel

2. Stop your server

How to update your Rust server and Oxide

3. Go to File manager (menu)

Go to Rust server file manager

4. Right click on Steamapps folder and delete it

Delete steamapps folder for Rust server update

5. Click on Steam update (menu) and confirm it (if you have uMod/Oxide installed, it updates it automatically)

Click on steam update Rust

6. Wait for update to be finished

Wait while update Rust server is finished

7. Start your server again

Start Rust server after update

And it's done. Your Rust server should be updated now and ready to use.

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