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How to op yourself in Minecraft

Giving yourself an op in Minecraft is an effortless task.

OP (operator) status gives you full access to all commands and permissions on the Minecraft server.

To give yourself OP in Minecraft step by step:

1. step: Log in to the game panel and open your Minecraft server

2. step: At the control panel, click on the Console tab.

3. step: Type to console: /op YourNick - replace YourNick with the Minecraft username of the player to whom you want to give OP status. For example: /op AmazingPony

4. step: Press enter on your keyboard.

5. step: The console will return a response like: "[Server thread/INFO]: Made AmazingPony a server operator."

You have successfully OPed yourself or any other Minecraft player on your server.

If you need help, submit a ticket here, we are here to help!

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