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How to make myself admin on my rust server

This tutorial will explain how to set yourself up as an admin on your Rust Server.

First, open the PonyGaming game panel here and get your or new admin SteamID.

It's necessary to use Steam64ID (it looks like 86552298409711107).

You can get your own by using the website

Or right-click on the player at RustAdmin (if you use it) and select copy SteamID.

Option 1 - set up admin through the web console

Step 1: Open your console at your game panel. Enter the cron password, which you can find in the command line manager tab or the server config (server.cfg).

Step 2: Type to the console: ownerid Steam64ID (replace Steam64ID with your current Steam ID). You should get info that admin was successfully added.

Step 3: Type in the console: server.writecfg and press enter. You need to relog to get admin privileges if you are logged in on the server.

Option 2 - write it to the user.cfg config

Step 1: go to Configuration files in the game panel.

Step 2: Click on the text editor button next to "user.cfg"

Step 3: On the new line, add the command: ownerid Steam64ID (replace Steam64ID with your SteamID or someone else you want to give admin to).

You can also use the parameter after SteamID and make a note of the admin's name - ownerid Steam64ID "adminname"

If you want to add multiple admins, it will look like this:

ownerid 86552298409711107 "adminname"
ownerid 86552298409712211 "adminname"
ownerid 8655229840974444 "adminname"

Step 4: Click on the Save button.

If you need help, submit a ticket here, we are here to help!

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