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How to install Oxide on your Rust server

Oxide is a mod for Rust that you need to have on your server if you want to add any plugins.
It works as a "bridge (API)" between Rust core and plugins.
Let me show you how to enable Oxide / uMod for your Rust server.

You have two options how to do that:

Automatic Installation

1. Access your control panel and stop your Rust server

Stop your rust game server at game panel

2. Go to Mod Manager

Open Rust Oxide manager

3. Click on the install button in the uMod tab

Go to Rust server mod manager

4. Wait for the control panel to install uMod/Oxide automatically for you.

Wait for Oxide umod to be installed on your rust server

5. Start your Rust Server again.

Start your rust server again

After you start the Rust server again, it will create new "Oxide" folder in the root directory.

Manual Installation

To manually install Oxide on your server, you can follow these steps.
We highly recommend using Automatic Installation.

1 Download the newest Oxide version from the uMod website. Please, use the Windows build if you host on our servers.

Download Umod Oxide manually

2. Once you download the latest Oxide, extract the ZIP files on your computer.

Extract oxide Rust file zip

3. Open the folder (usually Oxide.Rust) created by extracting the downloaded zip file.

4. Stop your Rust server and log in to FTP with any FTP client. If you need to learn how to use FTP, please, follow up on our FTP tutorial.

upload oxide umod to your rust server with FTP

5. Copy the RustDedicated_Data folder to the root directory of your Rust server. If the Target file already exists, Select Overwrite; always use this action and optionally Apply it to the current queue only.

6. Once the new files are uploaded, go back to your server game panel and start your server again. When you start the server with newly installed Oxide for the first time, new folder Oxide will appear on your root directory.

Start your rust server again

Oxide should be installed on your server now!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our support.

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