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How to find silver in Valheim
Valheim | 2 mins read
Silver is a resource used for crafting weapons, armor and upgrading workstations. This mineral can be found only in the Mountain biome a few feets underground, so prepare for some digging...
How to get linen thread in Valheim
Valheim | 2 mins read
Linen thread is valuable material used for creating higher-tier weapons and armor. This fabric cannot be found naturally in the world and must be crafted with your help. To obta...
Solving the Power Plant Puzzle in Rust
Rust | 5 mins read
As any Rust player will tell you, there’s nothing sweeter than conquering a monument and claiming all of its sweet loot. There are, of course, several monuments to plunder, but a few of t...
Black friday is here. Grab 40% discount for our game servers now!
News | 1 mins read
Black Friday is here. Grab a 40% discount for our game servers now! Use coupon: "BF2022" at checkout and get 40% OFF instantly for your invoi...
How to kill Troll in Valheim
Valheim | 2 mins read
Trolls are gigantic creatures with a large amount of HP living in Black Forests. They are slow but deal devastating damage in the early stage of the game when players don't have any good...
No raid Rust Server? Check this!
Rust | 5 mins read
I know that raiding is a part of playing Rust, and however, I also understand that many players are unwilling to give up on their hard-earned loot or have their base destroyed. I have a...
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