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How to do Train Yard puzzle in Rust
Rust | 5 mins read
Rust fans, welcome back to another Monument guide for your favorite game. We have previously covered the
How to deal with Bradley in Rust
Rust | 5 mins read
Welcome back to another installment of our Rust coverage. Previously, we have walked you through how to get the most out of Monuments like the
How to not freeze in Valheim
Valheim | 2 mins read
Freezing is a dangerous effect that is encountered when visiting the Mountains biome. This debuff is very lethal. Since it's applied, you immediately start losing health....
How to tame boar in Valheim
Valheim | 2 mins read
Boars are the first creatures you encounter that can be tamed in Valheim. They are aggressive animals living in Meadows biome. To tame a boar first, you must build a small fence...
How to find Haldor trader in Valheim
Valheim | 2 mins read
Haldor is a dwarf merchant in the world of Valheim. This trader sells very useful items and artifacts in exchange for coins which you can find through the game. Discovering his...
How to do millitary tunnels puzzle in Rust
Rust | 4 mins read
In Rust, there’s no shortage of things to do and explore. While you’re always under the constant threat of enemy players stabbing you in the back and stealing all of your loot, the way th...
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