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Merry Christmas and happy new year!
News | 1 mins read
Merry Christmas! Thank you so much for this year and all your support. It was a crazy ride, but we did a lot of work. So, relax now, enjoy your time with your family a...
How to do Sewer Branch puzzle in Rust
Rust | 5 mins read
On the long list of Monuments present in Rust, we have covered what you can do and find in the
How to get surtling core in Valheim
Valheim | 2 mins read
Surtling cores are an essential resource for crafting workstations such as Smelter, Charcoal kiln that helps you progress further in the game, and especially a very useful item in Valheim - Portal....
Where to get fine wood in Valheim
Valheim | 2 mins read
Fine wood is an item mainly used for building structures, furniture and crafting. It is an important resource to progress further in the game.
Valheim Cart: How to make it and what you need
Valheim | 2 mins read
Cart is used for transporting items across the world. This tool is very useful in the early game due to its 18-slot capacity and no weight limit.
Rust: Everything You Need to Know About the M249
Rust | 3 mins read
Rust starts all players off the same: naked, vulnerable, and afraid. It’s up to each player individually to loot and scavenge their way to success, and much of that might be dependent on...
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