Valheim Cart: How to make it and what you need
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Valheim Cart: How to make it and what you need

Cart is used for transporting items across the world.

This tool is very useful in the early game due to its 18-slot capacity and no weight limit.

valheim - how to make cart

What you need?

To unlock the cart, you need to discover and make bronze nails.

Build cost is:

Wood – 20x

Bronze nails – 10x

valheim cart resources needed

Wood is easy to obtain and bronze nails(20x) are created from one bronze bar(1 tin bar + 2 copper bars).

Cart is crafted by using HAMMER (in build mode, open miscellaneous tab) and workbench has to be in range.

Once your cart is built, you can walk to the pull bar and press ‘‘E‘‘, then you should be able to manipulate and pull the cart behind yourself.

Now you can easily transport large amounts of heavy resources in the world of Valheim.

Good luck!

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