Solving the Power Plant Puzzle in Rust
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Solving the Power Plant Puzzle in Rust

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As any Rust player will tell you, there’s nothing sweeter than conquering a monument and claiming all of its sweet loot.

There are, of course, several monuments to plunder, but a few of them stand out.

Previously, we covered the Launch Site monument and the loot it hides as well as the puzzles contained within it.

This time, we’ll be talking about another awesome monument with its own loot and puzzles: the dangerous, treasure-filled Power Plant.

The Power Plant is another monument that can appear on any procedurally generated map in Rust, and it is one of the better spots to scout for loot.

This is because the location has a sprawling layout that is capable of spawning just about every type of loot crate, except for Oil Barrels.

However, getting around and through the area to solve its puzzles and collect its loot won’t exactly be a walk in the park.

The Power Plant is highly irradiated, meaning that any players courageous enough to brave the trails will need to have a healthy supply of healing items as well as a Hazmat Suit in order to survive as long as possible before succumbing to radiation poisoning.

If you linger too long in particularly irradiated areas, you can even get radiation poisoning while wearing the Hazmat Suit!

In addition to this safety gear, it will be a good idea to also pack some weapons in case you come across any less-than-friendly players in the area.

It’s no secret that the Power Plant is full of gear, and particularly populated servers might have many well-armed players gunning for the same loot.

But as long as you come prepared for a fight and always watch your back, you should be ok.

As far as the loot you can help yourself to, you’ll most likely find Regular Barrels, Trash Cans, and Food Crates on ground level areas.

The meaning the streets and the area immediately surrounding the Plant.

Large Wooden Crates of all types will spawn inside the area’s many buildings, on top of cooling towers and rooftops, as well as in the abandoned train cars scattered around.

If you’re looking for those green Military Crates full of high-powered goodies, you’ll most likely find them on top of both cooling towers, rooftops, and on top of the fuel storage areas.

If you can manage to wait out the 30 or so minutes in between loot respawns and keep other players at bay, you can fill your inventory with all kinds of helpful supplies.

But, this is just everything that is available outside of the Power Plant.

The real goods are locked away inside the main structure, behind several puzzles.

These puzzles will need to be solved in order to unlock the true potential of the loot at this monument, and we’re here to help you get the goods.

In order to complete the Power Plant puzzles, you will need several important items: a Blue and Green Key Card, and one Fuse.

How to do Power Plant Puzzle?

You can buy Blue Key Cards from outposts or find them in lower-level monuments, Green Key Cards can be obtained from Roaming Scientists in the open world or within the Military Tunnel, Supermarket and Gas Station, and the Fuse is a random item found in crates and barrels throughout the map.

Once you have all of the required items and necessary safety gear, you can head to the Power Plant.

First, you’re going to want to find the deteriorated cooling tower on the Southwest side of the area.

There will be a three-story building across from the tower, head in that direction.

Power Plant Puzzle in Rust

On the side of the building, there will be a set of stairs that will take you to a second floor balcony.

On that balcony, there will be a switch that needs to be flipped.

Power Plant puzzle Rust - switch button

Once you do that, go up the next set of stairs to the third floor balcony, and swipe your Green Key Card to gain access to the first green room.

Inside, there will be a crate with some loot.

Powr Plant Puzzle in Rust - first green doors

Collect what you can, then leave that building and go Northwest across the area to the short building with the slanted roof.

You can’t miss it, its the one that looks like a 90 degree triangle.

Power Plant Puzzle in Rust - where to put fuse

In that building you’ll find your second switch, and a timer right next to it.

Power Plant Puzzle in Rust - activate switch

Activate both of these and rush to the main building, swiping your green card to gain access.

Power Plant Puzzle in Rust - main building

Make your way through all of the machinery on the first floor of this building to find the third switch all the way at the back.

Power Plant Event Rust - third switch

With that switch flipped, you’re going to head up to the third floor of the building, go to the storage area, and find the slot for your Electric Fuse.

Power Plant puzzle in Rust - fusebox

Place it, and then head back to the stairwell where you’ll see a Blue Door.

Power Plant Puzzle Rust - blue room

Swipe your Blue Key Card to gain access, and you’ll be in the loot room.

Breathe a sigh of relief, and snatch up all of the high-tier loot inside.

Make sure to explore the area carefully from top to bottom, as there is also a red key card that can be found in the upper level on top of a desk in addition to extra loot.

Power Plant Puzzle Rust - red card

And that’s it!

You’ve now solved all of the puzzles of the Power Plant monument in Rust.

From here, you can head on to your next adventure, or explore the location more to see what you can find.

For instance, if you go up the ladder into the undamaged cooling tower, you’ll find some additional wooden crates you can loot.

Power Plant Puzzle Rust - cooling tower

If you’re feeling adventurous, you could explore the Power Plant’s pipe system by finding the access point through the shed on the outskirts of the area.

You probably won’t find much additional loot this way, but it certainly is exciting!

Power Plant Puzzle in Rust - cooling tower loot

If you find yourself on a time crunch, it is also possible to access the final loot room by using a helicopter to drop down on top of the area and entering throug the roof.

Sneaky, but effective!

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