How to tame boar in Valheim
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How to tame boar in Valheim

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Boars are the first creatures you encounter that can be tamed in Valheim.

They are aggressive animals living in Meadows biome.

To tame a boar first, you must build a small fence (design of your choice) with one side open to lure the animal inside.

How to tame boar Valheim - fence

When a fence is standing, it's time to find the first boar.

To lure boar in, all you need is to get his aggro and let him chase you all the way inside the fence.

When the boar is lured in, close the open side of the fence to trap him.

Then drop some food(Red Mushrooms, Blueberries, Raspberries) on the ground.

Now you have to leave the fence and move away (20 meters should be enough) from the boar to lose his aggro (red indicator above his head), then the taming process can begin(yellow hearts indicators).

Taming usually takes 20-30 minutes, and a player needs to be active within 64 meters during the whole process.

Unfortunately, sleeping does not speed up this procedure, so be prepared to spend some time around your beast.

Tamed boar in valheim - in love

After half hour, you should have your first official pet in Valheim.


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