How to not freeze in Valheim
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How to not freeze in Valheim

Freezing is a dangerous effect that is encountered when visiting the Mountains biome.

This debuff is very lethal.

Since it's applied, you immediately start losing health.

Freezing in Valheim

Freezing in Valheim is countered by obtaining frost resistance.

A first standard solution is crafting Frost resistance mead which is a consumable item created by fermenting Mead base: Frost resistance.

Frost resistance mead base Valheim

This base is crafted in Cauldron (10 honey, 5 thistles, 2 bloodbags, 1 Greydwarf eye).

After fermentation, you get 6 resistance meads.

The duration of 1 potion is 10 minutes when you drink it.

TIP: Temporarily, you can build a campfire anywhere to protect yourself against freezing and regenerate some health.

The best option against freezing is when you get hands on silver.

Then you can craft a Wolf fur cape (6 wolf pelts, 4 silver, 1 wolf trophy).

Wolf fur cape - valheim

I highly recommend crafitng this armor piece as the first after smelting silver ore.

Wolf cape provides frost resistance for as long as you wear it.

After crafting this item, you can enjoy exploring Mountains without freezing to death.

Good luck!

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