How to get surtling core in Valheim
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How to get surtling core in Valheim

Surtling cores are an essential resource for crafting workstations such as Smelter, Charcoal kiln that helps you progress further in the game, and especially a very useful item in Valheim - Portal.

Cores look like black cubes that radiate heat from the inside.

Surtling core Valheim

The fastest way to obtain Surtling Cores in the early game is to find Burial Chambers(dungeons) in the Black Forest.

In these chambers expect some resistance in the form of skeletons and Ghosts.

Every Burial chamber dungeon has at least a few Surtling Cores to loot.

burial chamber in valheim

In the later stage of the game you can find cores by killing Surtlings, creatures found near Fire geysers in the Swamp biome.

They are small aggressive imps with ranged attacks.

Another possibility is if you are lucky enough, they can be looted from chests spawned in the world.

The last option for the late game is recycling Bonfires in Fuling villages.

Simply place the workbench near the Bonfires and dismantle them.

These are all ways to obtain Surting Cores.

surtling cores in valheim

Happy hunting!

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