How to find Haldor trader in Valheim
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How to find Haldor trader in Valheim

Haldor is a dwarf merchant in the world of Valheim.

This trader sells very useful items and artifacts in exchange for coins which you can find through the game.

Discovering his camp can be really difficult sometimes due to his spawn system.

Valdor trade Valheim - map

Unfortunately, Haldor doesn't have any exact place to be found on every map.

His location depends on your map seed and places you travel trough.

Haldor has 10 possible spawn points in every map, which are at least 1500 meters from the center of the map, and these locations are ALWAYS in the Black Forest biome.

Valheim Haldor trader - his offer

The least painful method to find him is watching your map during long-distance journeys.

When you get closer to one of the spawning locations (approx. 320-450 meters), Haldor will be permanently placed there, and a bag icon pop up on the map.

Then you can easily pinpoint his spot. I'd recommend placing the portal near his camp.

After that, you can enjoy the merchant's goodies any time you like.

Good Luck!

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