How to do Train Yard puzzle in Rust
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How to do Train Yard puzzle in Rust

Rust fans, welcome back to another Monument guide for your favorite game.

We have previously covered the Launch Site, Power Plant, Water Treatment and the Military Tunnels, but today we’re going to take a little step back from the horror and radiation of those locations to go over something a little less dark and terrifying: the Train Yard.

However, just because you can see the sky doesn’t mean you’re totally safe at this Monument.

Like the Military Tunnels, you’ll be dealing with a higher tier of Scientists that are stronger and armed to kill.

We’re talking 150 health and either an MP5 or an LR 300 locked, loaded, and ready to take you out.

But, since you’ve stumbled onto this guide, we’re going to let you know exactly where you can expect to encounter these Scientists so that you don’t get caught off-guard.

The first two Scientists can be found in the three-story metal shed that is located next to the underground tunnel entrance.

Train Yard Puzzle Rust - scientists

You can either rush them and take them head-on, or you can climb the crane adjacent to the shed and pop them off from a better vantage point that offers you some protection.

There is an austere, gray tower at the edge of the area.

The third Scientist can be found going up and down the staircase in that tower.

Train Yard Puzzle Rust - scientists tower

There’s not much room to maneuver in there, so it would be safer to wait outside behind some cover until you can engage him.

Lastly, the final Scientist will be in the main puzzle building on the first floor.

Train Yard Puzzle - scientist at fusebox

It’d be a good idea to make these Scientists a priority before you head for the puzzles and loot if you want to have an easier time.

What loot can you find at Train Yard? And what about the radiation?

Now that you know where the dangers of the Train Yard lie, you probably want to know about the loot.

Well, there’s good news.

You can collect a total of 23 crates in and around the train yard, featuring things like regular Barrels, Food Crates, Large Wooden Crates, and Military Crates. 10 of them will be collected from the puzzle building, and you’ll have to carefully explore all of the cranes, towers, sheds, and abandoned buildings that dot the area to find the rest.

In terms of radiation, you’ll be ok with just 11 protection for the majority of the location, so something like the Burlap set will be perfectly fine.

However, if you really want to get to the good crates and loot, you’re going to need 25 protection.

To cover all of your bases, you’ll probably just want to go in with the Hazmat Suit.

How to finish Train Yard Puzzle?

Now, for the puzzles.

As with all Monuments, you’re going to need a few items before you can get started.

For this location, you’ll need a Green Key Card, a Blue Key Card, and a Fuse.

Make sure all of the Scientists are dead and then head to the previously mentioned three-story metal shed where the first two Scientists were.

Inside on the second floor, there will be your first switch.

Train Yard Puzzle - first switch

Flip it to get the party started.

Then, rush over to the gray tower where the third Scientist was making his rounds.

Sprint up the stairs all the way to the top of the tower, flip the switch on the top balcony and then head back down the stairs.

Train Yard Puzzle - second switch

Once you reach the bottom, you can finally head over to the main puzzle building.

train yard rust - main puzzle building

If you haven’t killed all of the Scientists, don’t forget that there will be another one in there.

Go to the stairs on the side of the building, and go in through the door on the first landing.

Straight ahead, you’ll see the fuse box.

Place your Fuse, flip the switch next to it, and you’re home free.

Train Yard Puzzle Rust - fusebox and switch

With the fuse activated, you can now enter both the Blue and Green puzzle rooms, each of which will have different loot for you.

Train Yard  Puzzle Rust - blue and green room

The Green Room will contain 3 Barrels and one Military or Regular crate.

Train Yard Puzzle Rust - green room loot

But the higher-tier Blue Room will have 9 Military or Regular Crates, and a Red Key Card for you.

Train Yard Puzzle Rust - blue room

All of this loot from the puzzle rooms and around the location is certainly awesome, but that’s not all the Train Yard has to offer these days.

Vacuum Building Train Yard Puzzle

As of August 2022, you can also participate in the Train Yard Event.

This new feature allows you to operate and siphon certain train cars that contain both resources and loot.

All you need is a Green Key Card, a Fuse, and some Low-Grade Fuel.

There are Ore, Fuel Tank, and Loot cars that you can find along the tracks.

You’re even able to visually tell how much of a resource there is in a car by how high the mound of goods is within it, and chain together multiple cars for awesome loot collection.

But, in order to get to those resources, you’ll need to find a train engine.

There is a smaller, weaker engine that can only haul limited carts and a large, powerful engine that can handle many more.

Once you find one of those, you can begin.

Walk up to your selected train engine, and fill it with some low-grade fuel.

Then, hop inside and operate it till you couple one or more cars, then take them to the special vacuum building.

Train Yard Puzzle - vacuum building

Use your Green Key Card to gain access, climb up the ladder, and insert your fuse to power the building.

Train Yard puzzle Rust - vacuum green doors

Now, you can use the buttons next to the fuse box to control the building’s functions and obtain the loot from the cars you collected.

train yard rust - vacuum fusebox

All of your goods will be available in the red silo for resources, and the yellow container for ores and such.

Sometimes, a resource car will have crates hidden under all of the goods, which you can collect after that car has been vacuumed.

Train yard rust - vacuumed train wagon

When you add the new Train Yard event, there are plenty of things to do in this Monument and loads of loot and resources to be collected. Just make sure to keep an eye out for those Scientists!

And that's it, you finished both train yard puzzles and collected all loot!

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