How to do millitary tunnels puzzle in Rust
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How to do millitary tunnels puzzle in Rust

In Rust, there’s no shortage of things to do and explore.

While you’re always under the constant threat of enemy players stabbing you in the back and stealing all of your loot, the way the game procedurally generates its maps and populates them full of interesting locations pushes us forward to explore and take risks.

The locations that all Rust players hope to stumble onto as quickly as possible are the Monuments.

In Rust, Monuments serve as the game’s puzzle areas/dungeons.

Finding these places and solving their puzzles entitles players brave and strong enough to do so with great rewards in form of rare supplies, resources, and gear.

Previously, we have covered the Launch Site and the Power Plant Monuments, and we have something extra special for you today: the Military Tunnels.

Now, the Military Tunnels are a completely different type of beast from what we have already seen.

For one, they don’t offer any sort of public utilities such as Recyclers, Research Tables, or Repair Benches as just about every other Monument has.

But, what they lack in infrastructure, they definitely make up for in loot.

Before you even get into the actual tunnels, you will be able to find Food Crates and standard loot Barrels along the dirt road track, the cliffs, and in the immediate area surrounding the tunnels’ entrance.

What loot should you expect?

These are good for low-level loot and supplies, but what you really want is in the dark depths of those tunnels.

Immediately inside and to the right of the tunnel’s primary entrance, you’ll be able to find your first taste of what’s to come: a Military Crate and a normal Crate.

Behind the armored door ahead, you’ll walk down a short hallway to discover a room that will contain another Military and normal Crate as well as Food and Medical Crates.

Military tunnels in Rust - loot crates

Backing out of that area and heading further into the tunnels, you’ll see a flat cart that holds up two Elite Loot Crates.

Military Tunnels Rust - elite crates loot

Even deeper into the tunnels you will come across the Mines and the Laboratories.

You’ll want to explore both of these areas, because the Mines usually have Resource Nodes, Barrels, at least 2 Military Crates, and some Large Wooden Crates, and the Laboratories can spawn up to 4 Military Crates and a few Large Wooden Crates.

That’s plenty of awesome stuff, right?!

I’m sure you can’t wait to get your mitts on all the awesome stuff inside the Military Tunnels, but don't get overzealous.

As the name of the Monument suggests, this was a heavily militarized area at one point in time, and there might be things here that will still give you a hell of a fight if you want to get to the good stuff…

The men of science who once conducted their experiments in the darkness of these tunnels are now armed to the teeth, and not particularly welcoming.

That’s right, you’re going to be faced with several Scientists throughout the Military Tunnels, but these ones are even more deadly than the ones you would find in the open world.

The Scientists of the Military Tunnels are much stronger than standard Scientists, and they also carry high-grade weapons like the LR-300.

Additionally, these Scientists won’t wait until you threaten them to attack you.

As soon as they spot you, they’ll open fire.

This is why for this particular Monument, you should have plenty of healing supplies and a decent weapon to defend yourself with.

Another quick tip is that going through the tunnels to clear out all of the Scientists before you begin the puzzles will save you a lot of stress.

How to do Military Tunnels Puzzle?

In addition to those items, you’ll also need a Red, Blue, and a Green Key Card as well as a Fuse for the puzzles within the Military Tunnels.

This Monument is also bathed in radiation, so a Hazmat Suit and some water will go a long way.

The levels of radiation at this location are similar to what you would find at the Launch Site, which is potentially deadly if you aren’t careful.

And now, the puzzles!

First, you’re going to head to the Armory area.

Military puzzle in Rust - armory room

The first room to the right will be dark with only a faint red light.

Enter to find the place to insert your Fuse, and flip the switch next to it.

Military Tunnels Rust Puzzle - fusebox

Then, exit the Armory, turn left, and get to the other side of the Military Tunnels as fast as you can.

You’ll find a Green Door, where you can swipe your Green Key Card.

Military tunnels Rust - green puzzle

Enter this area carefully, because sometimes there will be a Scientist just around the corner.

In that area, there will be another switch for you to flip.

Military Tunnels Rust - switch on the wall

Once you do that, leave the room, turn left, and head farther down until you find the Blue Key Card room.

Military tunnels Rust - blue room puzzle

Watch out for more Scientists, and make your way to the Red Key Card door in that area.

Swipe your card, and get ready for EVEN MORE Scientists.

Up to 4 of them can be hiding in this one room, because this is where all of the good stuff is.

Put the fuse to the fusebox and activate the switch, it will activate red room and you will be able to swipe the red card.

Military Tunnels Rust Puzzle - activate switch

Continue to the left (to the end) and swipe the red card.

Military Tunnels Rust puzzle - red room

Inside the Red Key Card room, you’ll find the jackpot: a bunch of both Military and Elite Crates.

Be careful about the scientists!

Collect all of your hard-earned goods, and then you’re done.

Military tunnels Rust Puzzle - red room loot

If your radiation levels are good and you have supplies to survive longer in the area, make sure you double check the tunnels for any crates you might have missed.

After that, you can go back to the Red Room and make your way to the exit door.

There will be more Scientists before and after the exit, so keep your head on a swivel.

You’ll still be taking on radiation, and you might even come across players camping at the top of the top of the stairs if you go up the spiral staircase, so the fastest, safest way out is up the ladder and through the cave to the outside.

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