How to do launch site puzzle in Rust?
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How to do launch site puzzle in Rust?

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In terms of multiplayer survival games, it’s difficult to match the quality and competition of Facepunch Studios’ Rust.

The former ARMA II mod spent a solid 5 years in an Early Access state, but it has since grown exponentially in popularity and is supported by a massive, healthy community.

In the time since its full release, millions of players have traversed its procedurally generated maps and raided its many Monuments, which serve as the game’s dungeons and typically house all kinds of challenges and loot.

There are almost twenty different Monuments that can appear in any procedurally generated map, but the holy grail of all of them is, without a doubt, the Launch Site.

The Launch Site is a coveted Monument among Rust players since it is widely known as the biggest one and is packed with the most loot.

There are plenty of crates to loot outside of the structure, however, plundering the treasures hidden within the Launch Site and making use of the Monument's features will not come easily.

There are puzzles to be solved that are notoriously tricky even for veteran players.

If you have been lucky enough to stumble onto the Launch Site Monument and you’re hoping to pack your bags full of all the loot hidden inside, then you could probably use a helping hand with those puzzles.

If this perfectly describes your situation, then join us as we show you How to Solve the Launch Site Puzzles.

As previously stated, there are plenty of crates to be looted in the immediate area surrounding the Launch Site.

Thirty-three regular crates and three military crates to be exact.

If you’re the first person to reach the site, then you’ll have your pick of the loot!

But to get to the nine regular crates, six military crates, and three elite crates hidden inside the Launch Site, you’ll need to access the key card-protected areas of the Launch Site.

How to do Launch site puzzle?

To get into these areas and make your way to the puzzles, you’ll need a Red Key Card, a Green Key Card, and two fuses. All of these items can be looted from the map in various places.

It would also be a good idea to bring a good supply of water and clothing - like hazmat, to combat the radiation inside the Launch Site, as it is highly radioactive.

At the whole launch site area, you need to be careful about the Bradley - it's a driving tank that starts attacking you once it sees you.

First, you’ll want to go to the Southwest corner of the site, to the green-doored building by the three silos that takes the Green Key Card.

Green card launch site puzzle rust

Swipe it to get inside, place the fuse in the fusebox, and flick the switch next to it.

Fuse box launch site

Then on the Northeast side, there is a building next to the two blue lab containers that has a slot for your second fuse.

Blue room launch site puzzle

Place it and flick the switch next to it, all control colors should be green.

blue room with fusebox - launch site puzzle

With that done, you can now go to any of the main entrances and swipe your Red Key Card to get into the Launch Site.

Red door launch site

Now, the fun begins.

You need to finish the platforming puzzle leading to the Launch Site's roof.

What you'll do is navigate the series of stairs, elevators, and catwalks that make up the interior structure of the Launch Site.

Stairs - launch site puzzles - Rust

A single elevator might have been more accessible, but getting to the prizes on the roof would have been too simple!

Fall damage is a very real thing in Rust, so you'll want to be extra careful as you try to navigate the trickier parts of the platforming.

Once you get on the roof, loot all crates. 

Loot on the roof - Launch site puzzle Rust

Be careful about scientists!

Get out!

The trick with this puzzle is that getting out of the building when you are done is another puzzle in itself.

When you make your way down the treacherous stairs from the roof, you’ll find that all of the exits are locked.

To unlock the doors and earn your freedom, you need to find the Auxillary Power room on the first floor and flip the switch inside.

Open doors launch site puzzle

This will send power to the exits and you can press the button next to any door and be let out.

Push the button open doors launch site puzzle rust

Congratulations, you finished the first puzzle at the launch site!

Don't forget to loot other buildings and hangars around. There is so much other loot!

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