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How to get surtling core in Valheim
Valheim | 2 mins read
Surtling cores are an essential resource for crafting workstations such as Smelter, Charcoal kiln that helps you progress further in the game, and especially a very useful item in Valheim - Portal....
Where to get fine wood in Valheim
Valheim | 2 mins read
Fine wood is an item mainly used for building structures, furniture and crafting. It is an important resource to progress further in the game.
Valheim Cart: How to make it and what you need
Valheim | 2 mins read
Cart is used for transporting items across the world. This tool is very useful in the early game due to its 18-slot capacity and no weight limit.
Sailing in Valheim? How to unlock and control your ship?
Valheim | 2 mins read
Sailing is an essential part of the world of Valheim. If you want to reach and explore new biomes or faraway parts of the realm, you need a boat and some information on how to sail it. &n...
Valheim: All of the New Content in Mistlands
Valheim | 5 mins read
As Valheim players continue to explore the game’s procedurally generated worlds, build homesteads, and fight all kinds of vicious mythical creatures to the death, the game continues to grow beneath...
How to make sausages in Valheim
Valheim | 2 mins read
Sausages are desirable food for their large health and stamina boost together with a long duration of 25 minutes. It's considered as the best food before you progress to the Mountain Biom...
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