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How to do Sewer Branch puzzle in Rust
Rust | 5 mins read
On the long list of Monuments present in Rust, we have covered what you can do and find in the
Rust: Everything You Need to Know About the M249
Rust | 3 mins read
Rust starts all players off the same: naked, vulnerable, and afraid. It’s up to each player individually to loot and scavenge their way to success, and much of that might be dependent on...
How to do Airfield Puzzle in Rust
Rust | 4 mins read
So, you’re a Rust player, and you’ve stumbled onto the Airfield Monument in your aimless wanderings. You don’t want to waste this opportunity, but you’re a little unsure of how to proceed...
Rust  1st December 2022 - The Big QOL Update
Rust | 2 mins read
What is new in today's Rust patch? I don't want to bother you so much, so I am going directly to the point. Here is a short summary of what you should expect w...
How to do Train Yard puzzle in Rust
Rust | 5 mins read
Rust fans, welcome back to another Monument guide for your favorite game. We have previously covered the
How to deal with Bradley in Rust
Rust | 5 mins read
Welcome back to another installment of our Rust coverage. Previously, we have walked you through how to get the most out of Monuments like the
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